Codeigniter is like the Army sword of all web development frameworks. It is small in size but has a full toolkit that prepares the web developer to perform magic. What happens when a Army knife is handed over to a veteran? The magic happens. Every web developer in KeyDevs is going to develop web pages with a Codeigniter. Come, talk to our experts and learn how we can make magic for you.

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Codeigniter Web Development Company in Lahore, Pakistan

There are hundreds of Development modlues are on the Internet. But, not all of them are on the leaderboard. Those who rank on the leaderboard are light on footprint, but heavy duty in performance. If you are looking to create a web application that can be converted into a leaderboard, Codeigniter is the right choice. It is a powerful PHP framework that helps build web applications that do not demand huge resources to run smoothly. As a provider of PHP Codeigniter development services, Keydevs can help you build web applications that have a small footprint. Our PHP expertise ensures that you can build dynamic websites that you can interact with users easily. In fact, the lion of enterprise-class applications delivered by us is built on the power of Codeigniter. We use Codeigniter open source development power to create web applications that can load up to 50 ms quickly. To improve the performance of the application we use Codeigniter built-in MVC architecture that separates logic, performance, and data from each other. We also have a dedicated team of quality assurance professionals who will ensure that the application is run for any bugs or defects before they are pushed for live production.

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Our offerings

Our Codeigniter Web Development Services in Lahore, Pakistan

Backend for Mobile Apps

Our developers use the most reliable PHP Codeigniter framework for the backend of feature-rich mobile application development solutions.

Custom e-Commerce Solution

Build a single vendor or multi-vendor online store in the world with mass payment integration, product inventory and high-end security.

Enterprise Website Development

Given the enormous complexity of functionality, we prefer the Codeigniter framework for enterprise web application development solutions.

Web Portal Development

Develop key web applications for business productivity, operations or customer engagement with the mastery of Codeigniter .

Custom Web Applications

Our team of skilled developers build custom web applications with the best UI / X design to suit business needs.

Application Migration

We provide an application migration service to Codeigniter from other PHP frameworks. Our team can help you change your entire web application.

Do you have a VISION We have a TEAM to get you there.


Benefits of Codeigniter development

Major Benefits of Using Codeigniter PHP Framework Development

What makes CodeIgniter awesome?

It provides customization and configuration-free migration of files and servers from server to server.CodeIgniter helps you to reduce the amount of code needed to develop a PHP application and focus on the project.

This gives the PHP developer an easy way to use modular programs and get specific functions through the framework.

Codeigniter's built-in libraries and resources help PHP developers to create a web application with high-level functions and additional features.

This framework helps programmers to create web applications in a secure way.

The developer can effectively create both the back end and front end of the application with the help of CodeIgniter.

KeyDevs is the Best CodeIgniter Web Development Company in Lahore, Pakistan

Why Choose Us

KeyDevs is the ideal partner for CodeIgniter development

These are the Three things that make Keydevs is the ideal partner for your CodeIgniter development projects - a rare combination of experience, expertise and customer service.

Long Experience

Our CodeIgniter development expertise is a long decade and more. We know our way around CodeIgniter to make it work.

Profound expertise

From the creation of simple web portals to engineering to advanced ecommerce websites, we can do everything with CodeIgniter.

Diverse offerings

Custom web development. Integration Development, Application Migration - KeyDevs a one stop shop for all your CodeIgniter Development needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our relationship with customers is not a transaction. We build long-term relationships with customers.

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